Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


The Multi-Location Campaigns feature is growing again! Now you can add up to 5 account for the following integrations to any single Campaign:
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • ConstantContact
  • WhatConverts
  • ActiveCampaign
Toggle between your client’s multiple accounts in each integration dashboard. Switch between accounts in your widgets within custom Dashboards and Reports. And create Custom Metrics that combine data from multiple accounts in a Campaign.
Multi-Location Campaigns
Click here to see the full list of integrations that offer Multi-Location Campaigns and learn more about this expanding feature.
Now, when you hover over widgets in your marketing Dashboards and Reports, you'll notice easy-to-select check boxes appear. Simply select the widgets you'd like for quick multi-widget editing and deleting.
Integrate your clients' TikTok social accounts on AgencyAnalytics for even more comprehensive reporting of their complete social media performance.
Track top-level profile metrics to report on your client's TikTok growth over time.
  • Net followers
  • Profile views
  • Video views
  • Likes
  • Comments, and
  • Shares
Display demographic data to help you fine-tune your client's audience targeting.
  • Followers by country, and
  • Followers by gender
And dive into individual video metrics to help you analyze the impact and effectiveness of your client's content and gain a clear understanding of which videos are resonating with your client's audience.
  • Video views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Reach
  • Average time watched
  • Total time watches, and
  • Full video watch rate
For help with connecting the new TikTok integration, click here.
Create your next client dashboard in under 11 seconds.
Smart Dashboards 2
Instantly generate a Smart Dashboard designed with the top-used metrics from your client’s connected integrations. Use it as-is, or build it out with additional metrics, tracked goals, embeds, and more to showcase your client’s complete performance at a glance.
  • Save time and stay on top
    of your client’s marketing performance.
  • Build trust and transparency
    with your clients by giving them on-demand access to their data.
  • Give clients a personalized experience
    by popping in additional custom metrics, tracked goals, embeds, and more.
Smart Dashboards
Hot Tip:
Smart Reports are also available to automate your report creation process. Create one today!
Instead of adding up to five campaigns manually, save time by uploading a CSV file with up to 100 campaigns. Simply select "Upload File," and upload a CSV with the campaign name, and campaign URL. You can also include columns to identify the timezone and the folder name, so campaigns are already organized into a folder once uploading is complete.
Before uploading, check your available campaign usage shown at the top of the creation wizard.
If there are more campaigns in the CSV than available in your account, you will be charged for any campaigns over your limit.
Please note: bulk updates can not be applied to existing campaigns using this feature.
This is a beta feature, meaning this is an early version of the feature and the goal is to evolve and improve it based on your usage.
You already have an integration for Semrush backlink tracking. And now, you can start pulling your Semrush keyword ranking data into your AgencyAnalytics reports and dashboards with the
new Semrush - Projects integration
Display your client's top-level ranking performance and ranking trends, using metrics like:
  • Visibility
  • Number of keywords improved vs declined
  • New vs lost keywords, and
  • Position changes and trends
Report on your client's individual keywords to show which are most impactful and to help you focus your efforts on important keywords that may be dropping in ranking. Track metrics like:
  • Average cost per click
  • Average searches
  • Average rank
  • Starting rank
  • Ending rank
  • Rank difference over a set period
And dig into individual keywords further to see position change over time, visibility, share of voice, and more.
Individual Keywords
With AgencyAnalytics' Semrush - Projects integration, Agency plans and above can track and toggle between up to 5 projects for any domain.
Stay tuned, we're already working on updates for this integration, including:
  • Multi-select for keywords
  • Availability in Custom Metrics and Goals
Click here for help connecting Semrush - Projects.
In accordance with Facebook's latest API changes, we rolled out an update to our Facebook integration. This update addresses the deprecation of several metrics from the Likes, Posts and the entire Page Feedback section.
Deprecated Metrics:
Page Feedback Section:
  • Audience Positive Feedback
  • Positive Feedback Type
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Top Countries
  • Top Cities
  • Top Languages
Likes Section:
  • Age
  • Gender
Posts Section:
  • Post Activity Unique
Impact on Custom Metrics and Goals:
The deprecation will also impact any Custom Metrics or Goals that use the Positive Feedback metrics. These will no longer function as expected and will appear broken. The following metrics will be affected:
  • Positive Feedback Share Story
  • Positive Feedback Like Story
  • Positive Feedback Comment Story
  • Positive Feedback Other Types
Action Required:
Users using the affected metrics in reports, dashboards, templates, custom metrics, or goals should update and/or remove them.
You can now
create and track your Goals at quarterly and annual intervals
, in addition to daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. This makes it easier to track the performance of specific metrics and the progress of your agency's Campaigns.
For step-by-step instructions on creating a Goal, click here!
Klaviyo has updated its API to version 2. In response, the AgencyAnalytics Klaviyo integration has been updated to ensure alignment and data consistency between what you see in AgencyAnalytics and what’s available in Klaviyo's native platform.
You'll notice the following updates:
New Section:
  • Flows
New Metrics/Filters:
  • Segments metric (under Campaigns)
  • Segment Count metric
  • Status metric* (added to Flows and Flow Analytics; note, this metric has been dropped from Recipients)
  • Flow Count metric
  • Flow Status filter
  • Flow Trigger Type filter
Altered Metrics/Filters:
  • Campaign Type filter* (values changed)
Deprecated Metrics/Filters:
  • Type* (metric/dimension dropped from Lists; note, this metric remains unchanged on metrics)
  • Segmented Total metric*
  • Segmented Value metric*
  • List Type filter*
Please note, you will need to update any reports, dashboards, templates, custom metrics and custom metrics that include the starred (*) updates above.
You can now
create and track your Goals at weekly intervals
, in addition to daily, and monthly intervals. This makes it easier to track the performance of specific metrics and the progress of your agency's Campaigns.
For step-by-step instructions on creating a goal, click here!
Quarterly, annual, and custom intervals are on the roadmap as well, so stay tuned!
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